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Keeping Your Energy Clear During the Holidays

$7 - Instant Access with Digital Download

The holidays can be very stressful for so many of us. Family gatherings, gift purchasing, keeping the house clean for guests... it can be A LOT! Because of all the extra commitments, people and energy around us, it can be supportive to begin to pay closer attention to your energy so you can feel grounded even in busy moments.

What's in the Workbook:

  • Strategies to help you become aware of your energy

  • A weekly energy tracker so you can get in tune with yourself

  • Practices to help you clear your energy through visualization

  • 4 pages of journal prompts to help you get in touch with and better understand your emotions during the holidays

  • Ideas to help you better balance your energy

  • Pages for free writing so you can continue to explore your thoughts and feelings as you practice working with your energy

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