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Channeled Poetry

A Heartspark Poem Created Just for You!

$11 for a custom, channeled poem

One of the most fun and unique parts of a Heartspark session is when a channeled poem decides to come through! If you love the idea of receiving a message right when you need it, you can now intentionally tap into the energy of supportive poetry with a custom Heartspark poem.

How it works:

  • Fill out the brief form on this page to share an intention and some words or emotions that are currently coming up for you.

  • You can also choose to ask for a message around a topic, situation or theme in your life.

  • After purchasing, you can expect to receive your custom written poem in your inbox within 5 days.

  • Poems will be delivered in PDF format with Heartspark-inspired design elements. 

Check out the example below, channeled during a recent session.

Step into the energy

Request your channeled poem

Heartspark poem on it's way!

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