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Energy Leadership
Index Assessment

Understand Your Energy and Emotions with Data

$222 - Includes Assessment and 1.5 Hour Long Debrief

Take a deep dive into the 7 Levels of Energy - a way to better understand how you are currently interacting with your life in both a neutral state and when you encounter a stressor or trigger.


This assessment and debrief will explain each level of energy, quantify and explore what your unique levels currently are, and provide insights into how you can best use your energy to make aligned decisions in your life.


☾ Includes assessment and a 1.5 hour debrief call over Zoom where we review your results, discuss key benefits of your current energy levels and identify additional areas for expansion and growth.


You'll walk away with a greater sense of awareness and understanding about yourself and the different lenses you use to view the situations in your life.

Get to Know
Your Energy

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