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What Exactly is Life Coaching?

It seems like everywhere you look these days, there is a coach for everything - and, honestly, I love that! So many people are focused on healing and bettering themselves these days, and that’s been great to see. But, even when we have the drive to change, sometimes the process can feel overwhelming. The great news is that certified life coaches are trained in supporting that overwhelm. They can often be the perfect partner to fuel personal growth.

I like to think of life coaches as space holders. Good life coaches realize that their job is simply to trust that you have every single answer inside of you, and to create a safe container for you to explore yourself fully.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re on your own! Coaching really is a true partnership. You can expect to be supported and encouraged to dig deep into your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to begin to gain new perspectives on your life. And, you’ll also have your limiting beliefs, assumptions and thought patterns gently challenged so that you can begin to release your conditioning and move closer and closer to your life goals.

What is Heartspark Coaching

My own specific brand of coaching is rooted in the principles that I learned in my coaching certification program through iPEC. It’s all about partnering up to better understand your emotions and energy, while moving forward toward a specific desired outcome or goal. But, since Heartspark is all about tapping into the energy and guiding light of the heart, we also do quite a bit of work with really getting clear on what your heart is trying to tell you. In our sessions we are seeking awareness, understanding and clarity, as well as tapping into your intuition to get to a place of alignment.

Most of our sessions will involve you sharing your thoughts and processing your emotions on different experiences and ideas that are coming up for you, while I help to support your awareness building through asking questions, reflecting back to you your ideas and challenging any beliefs that might be holding you back. We also dive into work with our bodies - feeling the energy in them and understanding what we can learn from our connection with ourselves.

Heartspark sessions are welcoming and supportive! You’ll always learn something new about yourself, and leave with new awareness (and maybe a homework assignment or two!)

How To Know if Coaching is for You

If you’re open to growth, then life coaching might be a great fit for you! But, it’s also good to evaluate your needs to determine the best next step in your evolution process. Life coaching is a unique process, where we explore your current experience to make energetic shifts that move you forward toward a goal. Unlike therapy, we don’t spend too much time in the past. If we need to go there, we go for understanding, and then we move forward. Therapy is also better suited for anyone who is dealing with trauma or needs a lot of support around a mental illness. If you need a therapy recommendation, life coaches can often point you in the right direction to help you get the support you need.

The best way to see if coaching might be a fit would be to jump on a free, 30-minute intro call. We can chat about your goals, why life coaching is calling to you and how we might best work together. These calls usually end up being a little preview of what coaching is like, so all you need to do is come with an open heart and mind!

What Can I Expect from my Coaching Experience?

When you decide to embark on a life coaching journey, you might be wondering what to expect. Maybe there is some nervousness? Maybe some excitement? However you might be feeling is perfectly normal - making an investment in yourself in this way can come with a slew of emotions!

When you get started with Heartspark coaching, the number one thing we will be focused on is creating safety and openness. Whether we are working together for a single session or on a longer timeline, you can expect me to show up with support, understanding and belief in your power to shift your energy. I’ll encourage you to show up with lots of curiosity! Unearthing the magic within you is supposed to be a fun process, and we’re in it together.

As we get to know each other, we will work to create your main coaching goal and steadily move toward that. You can expect lots of supportive questions, moments of clarity and awareness, and assignments to keep you thinking.

If you’re being called to life coaching, I’m excited for you. This journey will help you get to know yourself in new ways and figure out who you really are.

When you’re ready, your Heartspark will be, too!

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