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Heartspark Coaching

Have you been feeling the call to evolve?


Are you ready to unlock the next level of your life experience?


Is it time to take control of your energy?


If so, it's time to explore Heartspark Coaching!

In the Heartspark 1:1 coaching experience we will:

  • Work with and better understand your intuition and energy

  • Unlock your special gifts and how to use them

  • Create new awareness, challenge your limiting beliefs and create more expansive ways of thinking

  • Uncover and clear energetic and emotional blocks

  • Connect with the energy of your heart to get in better alignment with the life of your dreams!


After completing both traditional coaching and therapy, I still felt like there was more left to explore on my journey to becoming a fully realized version of myself. When I reached out to Amanda I said, ‘I feel like there is something I need to work through or discover,’ that’s it. I just knew that Amanda’s unique methods would be the practice to reveal what I needed to know. Through classic coaching techniques as well as her unique styles of energy work, intuitive journaling practices, Heartspark sessions, mediations, and engaging conversations, I was able to connect with myself in ways I never had before that unearthed a handful of things that needed healing in my life around grief, body image, dating and creativity- all things I was not aware of at the time. Coaching with Amanda is the perfect balance of freeform and structure; I never felt lost and always felt supported. My intuition brought me to working with Amanda, but it was her unique intuitive practices that made my time in coaching with her so functional. Energy work, Heartsparks and the frequent journaling she tailored from our conversations were the keys to my processing and growth. Each session I was amazed at the ideas she took from our conversations and applied to my homework. Nothing felt cookie cutter, especially the journaling techniques she crafted for me. Coaching with Amanda was a truly fulfilling and healing experience for me."

Sound like a fit?

Let's Explore Options!

Open Your Heart
Single, Intro 1:1 Session

☾ A single, 90-minute Heartspark Coaching Session

☾ Set a session intention and goal, and explore a specific topic that is impacting you now


☾ If you decide you'd like more coaching following your Open Your Heart session, you can apply the cost of the session to a coaching package within 1 week of meeting!

Find Your Spark
3 Months of Coaching

☾ 6 Total Sessions


☾ Energy Leadership Index online assessment and 2 hour debrief session

☾ 2 hour Heartspark Session

☾ Option to mix and match remaining 4 sessions with coaching and intuitive energy work

☾ Supportive assignments in between sessions

☾ Unlimited email and voxer support

Ignite Your Fire
6 Months of Coaching

☾ 12 Total Sessions


☾ Energy Leadership Index online assessment and 2 hour debrief session

☾ 2 hour Heartspark Session

☾ Option to mix and match remaining 10 sessions with coaching, intuitive energy work + nervous system mapping workshop

☾ Supportive assignments in between sessions

☾ Custom recorded, 30 minute meditation, at conclusion of sessions

☾ Mini-Heartspark virtual check in to explore your energy within 3 months of final session

☾ Unlimited email and voxer support + free entry to Heartspark energy circles

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