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Find Yourself

The heartspark 1:1 coaching process

6 and 12-session guided coaching experiences to help you deeply explore your emotions and energy so you can finally know who you are and discover where you want to go next.

Uncover the magic of the real you.

We evolve when we feel safe.

I offer a supportive space for you to fully explore yourself.

You bring your energy and curiosity.

We both bring our open hearts.

From there, the experience begins...

What we'll explore:

Your vision for your life

The entire experience begins with intention setting so we can focus our energy toward a common goal. Then, we'll begin to unpack your current life story, exploring growth areas  and reasons you want to connect with the real you.

Your energy today

Each coaching experience includes the Energy Leadership Assessment - a comprehensive, online assessment to share insight on your current energy on a good day... and when you are triggered! We will use this as a starting point to introduce the 7 Levels of Energy concept and check in on energetic shifts during our time together. The assessment debrief session is 2 hours long

Thoughts, feelings and energy

Once we understand your current energy, we'll explore your thoughts and feelings to begin to release old energy to make room for new experiences. This involves a lot of heart-led conversation, but also connecting with your body, working with patterns in the brain and nervous system, and learning to feel energy in and around you. We'll also take a look at limiting beliefs and energy blocks you have, and work to shift them. We'll move through both live and at home exercises to get you comfortable with connecting with yourself.

Intuition, signs and your gifts

While we release old energy and thought patterns, we will begin to replace them with new ways of being. Connecting with your intuition, learning the unique way it speaks to you and pausing to notice the signs around you will help us attune more deeply with your spiritual support. We will also uncover your Heartspark! By identifying gifts, talents and passions, we will begin to shape ideas on how you might want to use your gifts moving forward. 

Messages to support your energy

Our coaching experience wouldn't be complete without a Heartspark Session! We will use this time to tap into your upgraded energy during a guided, meditative journey. I will share with you a vision full of messages and support. We'll work together to process and interpret the symbolism and guidance that comes through, and then explore ways to apply the information to your life.

The Heartspark Session is 2 hours long


By the time we reach the end of our time together, you will have new awareness and insight into who you really are, how your energy works and where you're headed. Our final session together is all about integrating your energy and insights, and finalizing next steps so you feel prepared to step out into the world as the real you!

Are you ready to uncover the hidden truth of who you are?

Let's work together!

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