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High Vibe Energy Time

Friday, July 19, 12 - 12:30 pm ET

live, virtual event


Shift Your Energy with the Heartspark Tribe!

FREE to attend

Did you know that dance is one of the best ways to shift energy? The power of dance has been used for centuries for connection, fun and healing. It's a high vibe energy tool!

Join me and others from the Heartspark community as we meet together for a monthly moment of connecting with our hearts, dance and energy shifting.

As part of our time together, we will:

  • Set intentions around energy to release

  • Use gentle breathwork to tune into our hearts and bodies to notice where stress and other emotions are present

  • Complete a guided somatic practice like shaking to release stress and tension

  • DANCE! From the comfort of our own spaces, we will free dance together to lock in a higher vibration

Think of this time as a 30 minute break to connect with yourself, let go of heavy energy and bring yourself into the feeling of flow. 

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