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Free Distance Heartspark Reiki

Request healing energy to be sent to someone in need of support

If you or someone you know is struggling with an illness or challenging life situation, and could use some energetic support and healing, add them to the Heartspark list of monthly distance reiki.

This service is free and offered to those in need. When you add a name to the list, please be sure to share some information on what you or the person you are requesting support for is going through. These will be added as intentions.

Free virtual Heartspark reiki sessions do not occur at a specific time or day that the recipient needs to be available for, and only require an open heart to the healing support.

Because these sessions are reserved for those facing debilitating life circumstances, please book a 1:1 session if you are looking for an individual healing experience, or are hoping to gain insight into specific guidance. Free sessions do not include any additional follow up or direct contact on the experience or messages.


Add a Name to the List

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