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Heartspark Group Experience
attachment theory

One of the most profound things I have explored on my own personal healing journey is attachment theory. It has helped me to deeply understand myself and the ways I show up in connection with others.


It has also helped my clients do the same.


If you're ready to level up in your relationship to yourself and those around you by better understanding how you are wired to connect with others, this is the group experience for you!

TBD August 2024

The Experience

In this 8-week group exploration, we will gather together over Zoom to learn about attachment theory and get curious about how our individual attachment styles are impacting our lives.


Part information sharing, part open discussion & coaching, and part energy work,

think of this journey as a supportive group discovery experience.

In each 1.5 hour long session, we will deeply explore the many facets of attachment and their connection to your energy so you can walk away feeling confident in understanding your style, knowing how to recognize when it shows up and taking steps toward feeling more and more secure.

In this group experience...

You can expect to work with your body, energy and mind
to understand how attachment affects your relationships and life.

Open Book

Exploration Areas

Each session with begin with a grounding exercise and explore an attachment-focused topics with opportunities for live coaching

Week 1

Introductions & Intentions

❉ What is attachment theory and why does it matter?

❉ An intro to the 4 main styles 

❉ Assessment to determine your unique style

Week 3

Exploring Anxious Attachment

Week 5

Exploring Disorganized Attachment

Week 7


❉ Embodying the learnings

❉ Ways to move forward with your knowledge to become more secure

Week 2

Attachment & Energy

❉ Review of attachment and the nervous system (fight, flight, freeze, fawn states)

❉ Exploring the Window of Tolerance

❉ Connecting energy to emotions

Week 4

Exploring Avoidant Attachment

Week 6

Exploring Secure Attachment

Week 8

Energy Balancing

❉ Energy clearing session to relax, release and realign

❉ Breathwork and guided meditation


$555 for 8 live group sessions

Includes weekly Zoom group sessions and recordings PLUS:

☾ Weekly assignments to support the growth process in between sessions 

☾ Inclusion in group WhatsApp chat for community and support

☾ Access to customized digital download for your attachment style

☾ Option to add a discounted 1 hour session to explore your attachment in a 1:1 setting 

Are you ready to understand yourself more deeply?

Two Sessions Available:
Tuesday daytime 1 pm ET
Thursday evenings 8 pm ET

Beginning August 2024

 My studies on Attachment Theory stem from reading the book Attached, which led me to learn more through additional resources. Most recently, I've taken the NICABM course: The Neurobiology of Attachment, which covers exploration of the brain and nervous system in connection to attachment. You don't have to have the book for this group, but I definitely highly recommend it!

Get ready to shift your energy!
Are you interested in adding a 1:1 session ($88)
You will be emailed separate booking instructions.
Do you know your attachment style?

Thanks for joining. All the details are headed to your inbox. See you at session #1!

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