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Babe Don't

This past weekend, I was walking around an adorable town in Maine, and despite all the holiday cheer, I found myself in a deep spiral of overthinking and worrying.

That’s when I chose to stop and notice.

In moments like these, I find that the simple task of becoming aware of what is around me can bring some relief from being up in my head and offer an invitation back into the moment. So, I set my intentions on being open to some sort of guidance to help calm my mind. And, as I walked, I looked around.

That’s when I saw it…

✨Babe Don’t✨

A simple reminder for when you're overthinking.
Babe Don't

I stared at the sign for a moment and thought: Okay! I won’t.

I haven’t stopped thinking about that sign (that was both literal and symbolic, plus part of a cool movement, Babe Vote) since then.

Have I found myself back in some negative places since then? Yes. For me, the holidays are a really emotionally charged time. While I “should” be feeling happy, it brings out some depressive feelings each year.

Maybe it’s the lack of sun. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m lined back up on my own upward spiral of life to some challenging memories. Maybe it’s just the overall state of the world.

Whatever the reason, when I’ve found myself in a negative place the last couple of days I keep reminding myself: Babe Don’t.

❌Don’t say that mean thing to yourself.

❌Don’t make a story up about this.

❌Don’t think you messed it all up.

❌Don’t assume the worst.

Don’t beat yourself up for being human ✌🏽

Here’s the thing: even when you work on yourself a lot, you can still get sucked into a dark place. For me, it’s the place where I feel like I’ve regressed. It can feel like all the progress has disappeared, and I’m right back where I started.

The good news is: none of that is really true! 

You can never become an old version of yourself again, even if you notice some outdated patterns and thoughts creeping back into your life. Plus, no amount of intellectualizing your feelings can make them make sense sometimes. You just have to FEEL them.

The next time you find yourself thinking some panicky, unsupportive thought, maybe you can stop and remember ⬇️

Babe Don’t ♥️

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