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Following the energy

Heartspark (n): The inner knowing that lights you up from the inside and helps you know what is right for your unique life journey. ​When you don't know the path forward, let your heartspark show you the way. 


Uncover the hidden truth of who you are and what you want out of your life.

Have you ever felt that feeling that shows up sometimes when you know you’re on the right track? Some call this intuition, your highest self or even your soul speaking to you. I call it your heartspark.


It’s that part of you that is connected. It's excited and expansive. It doesn't care about rules or reason. It knows where you should be headed next, and if you have the courage to listen, it will completely transform your life.

Amanda's gifts are unlike anything I've ever encountered before, and that's saying something, because I've experienced it all – Reiki, energy healing, past life regression, intuitive guidance readings, astrology readings, psychic readings! Of everything I've ever done, Amanda's Heartspark sessions are my absolute favorite. They're jam-packed with both deeply helpful guidance about my life journey and a lot of healing. I've felt so much lighter, energized, hopeful, and supported by the Universe in general since working with Amanda."



Heartspark offers a variety of in person sessions at 165 Main Street Suite 213 in Medway, MA, as well as virtual options to help support your healing journey and expansion. For your free intro conversation about any of the below, send me a message

Events and Groups

Join the Heartspark community in person for group coaching, supportive circles and more


Support Circles

Gather together in person and virtually to discuss energetic themes, set intentions to release what no longer serves you and experience healing experiences like meditation & reiki.


Group Coaching

Explore thoughts, feelings and emoitions in a group setting. Each 6-week session will explore a core topic and support you in releasing old ideas and energy, and stepping into growth.

Coming Soon!

In person and virtual offerings available


Cacao Ceremonies

Join a monthly gathering to enjoy the heart-opening opening experience of experiencing cacao in community with others. Come be inspired and through a supportive space and conversation.

Coming Soon!

I'm so happy you're here. 

Hi, I'm Amanda.

I’ve been on a journey my entire life to understand my purpose. While I’ve spent the majority of my professional life following the straight and narrow path, it was very early on that I began to feel like everything was wrong - that I didn’t quite fit into “normal” life.

Despite this, I pushed down the feelings of misalignment and just forged ahead. That led me into a successful 16+ year career in marketing, getting my MBA and even launching my own marketing consulting business for several years while I juggled raising small humans!


Along the way I kept feeling like there was something else I was supposed to be doing. It kept saying over and over that I had gifts to share, and that I just needed to trust myself enough to figure it out. So, I did just that! I started exploring my gifts, taking classes and really doing a lot of hard work on myself. I trained through iPEC's professional coaching program and also became certified in Reiki levels 1 and 2, which helped me further develop my coaching and intuitive skills.


So here we are. Let’s just say that my very own Heartspark was leading me right here to YOU. Now that we’re here, I'm thrilled to offer a safe space for you to uncover the hidden truth of who you are and what you want out of life through heart-centered life purpose coaching and supportive intuitive energy sessions.


I can't wait to meet you soon!

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Let's work together to explore, tune in, heal, direct your path, feed your soul, or bring your goals into focus. I'm here for what YOU need.


  • Online over zoom

    ☺ A guided experience to activate your heart

    2 hr

    222 US dollars
  • ☾ Support on your soul journey (non-live option)

    30 min

    88 US dollars
  • Online over zoom

    ☺ An hour long call to connect with your heart ☾ Gain clarity t...

    1 hr

    111 US dollars
  • Online over zoom

    ☺ An hour long call to connect with your heart ☾ Includes 15 min...

    1 hr 15 min

    133 US dollars
  • Online over zoom

    30 minutes for you to shift your energy

    30 min

    44 US dollars
  • ☺ An in person healing experience to shift energy

    1 hr

    88 US dollars
  • Online over zoom

    ☺ A virtual guided experience to shift energy

    1 hr

    88 US dollars
  • Online over zoom

    ☺ 4 two-hour sessions over 4 months ☾ Support in between calls

    2 hr

    777 US dollars
  • Let's explore who you are and what you want

    6 hr

  • An exploration of goals and soul

    12 hr

  • How does any of this work?
    Everything is energy! Our thoughts, feelings, our bodies, the trees and flowers - literally, everything. And, everything is also connected. We are all working together across time and space in collaboration with the universe, our highest selves and all sorts of helpful guides. Think of our sessions like connecting in the quantum field - a place we can’t see with our eyes, but that contains tons of information. As we connect, and I tune in, I can see and feel all sorts of things about you and your soul journey. When we intentionally connect, and relax and tune in, all sorts of insights become available to us. I have a special gift (that I’ve honed through all sorts of classes and training!) for taking in that energy in a visual way and translating it into words so we can deeply discuss what your energy is like at the moment and also shift it so you can feel more light, aware and free.
  • How is a Mini-Heartspark Session different from a regular session?
    Mini-Heartspark Sessions are very similar to a regular Heartspark Session in terms of the type of channeled visual guidance you’ll receive. However, with a Mini-Heartspark Session, we are getting more focused on a specific question or issue you would like clarity on right now. Instead of connecting over Zoom in real time, you submit your question and/or thoughts ahead of time, and I share the guidance that comes through within 5 business days in the form of a pre-recorded Zoom video. Supplemental support will all be delivered via email, which may include channeled poetry, card pulls, crystal recommendations, etc.
  • What is a Heartspark Session?
    A Heartspark Session is a unique experience that combines several different spiritual and healing modalities. It’s a deeply meditative 2-hour session where we connect with our hearts to pull forth guidance and information to support your soul and the current energy you are experiencing. All Heartspark sessions are a combination of conversation and coaching, intention setting, guided meditation and energy work (rooted in Reiki). The core feature of a Heartspark session comes in the form of a channeled visual journey, which we discuss after the meditative portion of the session. These visuals are usually highly symbolic and can resemble a dream, which is why you’ll have access to me for 2-days post-session to continue processing the experience! Expect to leave the session with new insights beyond the visual experience, including a combination of card pulls, crystal recommendations and symbolic messages that will be highly personalized to you. All Heartspark Sessions come complete with tips on integrating energy shifts and journal prompts to help you continue to tap into the energy and knowledge of your heart.
  • How do I know which offering is right for me?
    The best way to understand the most aligned path forward is to have a quick chat with me! We can discuss your goals and ideas for your life, and I can suggest the steps forward that might best support your needs. Consultation calls are completely free and a great way to make sure we are a good fit for each other in this work. If you’re interested in discussing what might work best, please set up a 30 minute intro call for us to connect.
  • What is your training?
    My professional career before I started Heartspark offered me many years of training in the area of marketing and communications. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and an MBA. I share that because even though our work here is different from my original corporate career, I have a lot of experience in working with people across many different backgrounds and teams to communicate messages. It’s come in handy in my coaching skills! Additionally, I trained to become a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC and am certified in Reiki Levels 1 and 2. I am always practicing building my skills and awareness of energy and the soul journey, and specifically work on honing my gifts through a weekly Intuition Class where I am lucky to learn in a community setting.
  • What is Heartspark coaching?
    Heartspark coaching is a unique blend of heart-led and energy focused conversations that will help you reveal your life purpose, uncover blocks, and set attainable goals for your future. We partner together to create a safe space for you to fully explore yourself and make changes so you can operate in a more authentic way. As a coach, I believe that you have all of your answers inside of you - you might just need a little support to pull them out! That’s why all coaching packages include a combination of Heartspark energy sessions and more traditional conversation-based sessions where we discuss and process what is coming up for you at any given moment, and partner up to shift your energy and perspective. Think of coaching as a special time for you to connect deeply with yourself, share your thoughts and feelings, and shift your viewpoint on your life, all while heading toward getting in alignment with the life of your dreams.

Let's see if we both think it's a fit.

Poetry is often part of my intuitive practice, and it has a way of getting straight to the core. For more poems from my sessions, follow me on Instagram.
Image by Paul Pastourmatzis
I like to talk to my anxiety
Tell her she's okay
Watch her make her presence known
Through her endless thoughts
I can understand that she's
A part of me
But, not the whole me
I can calm her
By letting her know
I see her worry
Know that she wants to
Keep me.
Keep me safe.
In this practice
I have come to know
That I can let my

Anxiety can go

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